4 Star Accommodation Without The 4 Star Price!

One thing about Vietnam is that everything is cheap and I mean everything, even high quality accommodation won't leave you out of pocket and what's even better, is that with most accommodation in the busy cities of Vietnam you can just simply walk up to reception without a booking and more than likely they will have a room available. That's what we did when we entered The Light Hotel in Hanoi and what a gorgeous hotel it is!

Rooftop Pool

The second you enter The Light Hotel you are welcomed with warm smiles and accommodating staff. The interior of the reception is simply stunning with its tiled floor, marbled walls and dazzling chandelier lights! Staff assist by taking your bags up to your room while you go through the checking in process.

Even the hallways and corridors have a touch of sophistication and class! My room lacked windows but it still felt very cosy and the bed was an absolute winner with its softness!

We ate out most nights but had one night in dining at the on site restaurant and the food could not have been more spot on, even the breakfast buffet was worth waking up early for!

There is an on site massage parlour offering a range of options, I opted for a standard one hour massage which covered areas including all over the back and shoulders. I've had my fair share of massages, (I mean who doesn't love a good pamper session?!) however, unlike other massages i've had, this one was quite different indeed. Halfway through the massage it felt as though someone was sitting on my bottom, I lifted my head to have a quick look and she was in fact squatting above me and sitting on my bottom!

I never questioned this woman's technique as it was a nice, clean environment and the staff were polite and respectful. It may have been because she was short and perhaps she felt she couldn't give me a deep massage from simply standing on the side and reaching over and that by sitting from above she could use her body weight to apply more pressure. That technique may be the way Vietnamese are taught when giving back massages but whatever the reason, I saw the funny side to it and left feeling refreshed and ready to take on the next day!

As well as the restaurant there was also a cocktail bar that not only offered delicious and colourful drinks but also snack food and nibblies, their cheese and cracker platter is amazing and they even bring your order up to you on the rooftop pool where we spent most of our time while staying at The Light Hotel!

The Light Hotel

Website: http://www.hanoithelighthotel.com/

Address: 128-130 Hàng Bông, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Contact: +84 24 3391 1111