A World Away From Home

When it comes to holidays, my mum and I are quite spontaneous. One day we were at home and talking about a trip to Vietnam and two weeks later we were in Vietnam! Touching down in Saigon or also known as Ho Chi Minh City, I was quick to see that this life was nothing compared to what I was use to back home in Australia.

With a population of over 96 million almost every single Vietnamese had a vehicle of some sort and if they didn't, well you would often see up to three or more on the one scooter! The traffic was like organised chaos, there were vehicles coming from all different directions, there was the constant sound of tooting horns, pedestrians would simply walk into the traffic and find a small gap and weave themselves through the cars and scooters, it was absolute madness yet so satisfying to watch. By the end of our stay in Vietnam we became pros at crossing the roads with no issues!

Although taxis and Ubers are incredibly cheap here, we decided that the best way to see this enormous city was by foot, there's a lot of walking involved but it is so worth it to see all the alleyways, shops and eateries that would you miss otherwise.

The other good thing about walking is if you ever get hungry you're never far from something to eat. Food and drinks in Vietnam only cost between $1-$10 AUD but that certainly doesn't compromise on quality, these dishes are served using the freshest and most delicious ingredients locally produced in Vietnam!

Plus another good thing you come across are plenty of food carts selling fresh vegies and fruits, baked goods and cold drinks on pretty much every street and corner. Another thing we found really handy is that because there are so many hotels and accommodation options there's really no need to book too far in advance, you just turn up at reception and more than likely they will have a room available!