Get That Winning Feeling!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Today I found out that I just won an incredible 3 night getaway to the Gold Coast, yippee!! I often get asked what's my secret to winning these competitions and to put quite simply, you just have to be in it to win it! Entering can be super simple, others take a bit more work. I enter absolutely everything whether it be something small like gift vouchers to luxurious holidays because who doesn't love free things right?! Read on for my top tips on how to increase your chances and get that winning feeling!

- Be in it. The only way to win a competition is first by entering it, simple as that.

- Do your research for competition sites. There are so many websites to choose from but my go to website is There's plenty of well known and reputable brands that advertise their promotions and competitions on this site. Some require a purchase of a product to enter but many of them are free. I won my Nikon State of Origin photography experience on this website! (

- With so many of us having social media, brands now focus on promoting their competitions on Facebook and Instagram to reach out to more people. This is how I won my night's stay in Port Stephens and recent getaway to the Gold Coast! ( So be sure to be following your favourite pages so you don't miss out.

- You choose what you want to enter. Competitions have plenty of entry methods, some simply require your name and email address to be subscribed to their mailing list, some require more details like your contact number and address and to also answer a question in 25 words or less, some require you to purchase a product and upload a copy of the receipt, social media competitions mostly require you to follow or like their page, tag friends in the comments and share the competition post on your page and some you just complete a survey to enter.

- READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS!! I know that reading hundreds of words of fine print is not everyone's cup of tea, but I cannot stress this enough, it is super important to be sure you are eligible to enter and that you complete all the required rules. Some competitions require you to be a certain age, living in a certain state or country, have to travel between certain dates, following pages, liking pages, sharing posts, tagging and commenting etc. If you only complete say 3 out of the 4 requirements it's not good enough and you won't have a chance to be eligible to win, you MUST complete all requirements!

- Be prepared to be spammed! Entering competitions where you are required to enter your email address and phone number will more than likely lead to telemarketers calling you non stop and large amounts of junk email, it's an absolute pain but a very small price to pay if it means being in the running to win an awesome prize. Many of these junk emails will claim that you are a winner, please do not open these emails or click on the links in these emails as they could very likely be scams! My word of advice is to delete these emails straightaway, don't even open them, if you have any doubts it's best to contact the company of the competition you entered directly and enquire if a winner has been chosen.

- Never, ever provide personal banking details! I have never come across any competition that requires your banking details. If a competition form is asking for these details, do not enter them and exit out of the search engine, legit competitions will never ask for them.

- Be creative with competitions that require you to answer a question in 25 words or less. Avoid saying things like "My family deserve this after working so hard" or "My mum is very sick and we would love to have quality time together", while these answers may be true for some people, unfortunately sob stories won't get you very far because so, so many people comment using these lines or something very similar. 25 words is plenty and you have so much room for a creative and unique answer! Think outside the box and steer clear from common answers.

- Some competitions where creativity is required are usually personally picked by the operators of the competition so really put in an effort. Others are simply luck of the draw where a winner is picked at random so be sure to complete all requirements to be considered in the finalists list.

- Many competitions attract hundreds and thousands of entries, many of which only have one winner and if that isn't you, don't feel let down, keep entering competitions and who knows, one day that winner may be you! You gotta be in it to win it after all!

- The feeling of winning a prize regardless of how big or small is always such an exciting feeling and I hope these tips increase your chances so you can experience that winning feeling too!