Getting A Taste Of Sports Photography

When it comes to entering competitions, there's a very well known saying "you gotta be in it to win it" and that is exactly what happened when I entered, and won, a competition that gave me an experience I will never forget!

NSW claiming championship at game two State of Origin 2018

I'm not gonna lie, i'm a bit of a compaholic (a person who is addicted to entering competitions). I enter all sorts of competitions whether it be through websites, social media channels or reading material, most competitions are very simple to participate, all you need to do is subscribe to the companies mailing list by providing your name and email address however, expect to receive a lot of junk mail from these companies but you can always just unsubscribe down the track. Some competitions require you to complete a survey and others ask you to fill in your details and "in 25 words or less" answer a question. There are also competitions where you are required to purchase a product and enter your details to go into the draw. These type of purchase competitions are actually really good to enter in because not many people are willing to purchase a product just for the sake of getting their name in the draw so your chances of winning are much higher, especially if it's a product of your interest and something you are willing to buy and use!

I've been lucky enough to win some pretty cool prizes including a night's stay in beautiful accomodation, cook book sets, canvas wall art prints and restaurant vouchers just to name a few. The feeling of winning something regardless of how big or small the prize, is an incredible feeling and leaves you feeling so happy and excited! My go to website to feed my addiction is This website is home to many competitions from all different brands so you can choose which one you most would like to win, or in my case, just enter them all anyway!

That's how I came across this once in a life time opportunity to win a photography experience on the sidelines for one of the State of Origin games thanks to Nikon Australia. Entering was simple, you had to be a member of the Nikon community My Nikon Life, enter your details and in 25 words or less answer this question, "What would you most like to capture during the State of Origin?"

When I received that phone call from Nikon saying that I was one of the eight winners to have VIP access to the sidelines and photograph game two of State of Origin at ANZ Stadium in Sydney using exclusive Nikon gear, my jaw nearly hit the floor, I couldn't believe I won a spot!

When we arrived at ANZ Stadium we met with the Nikon team, got suited up with our vests and gear (I used my Nikon D3400 body with Nikon's 300mm lens) and walked onto the sidelines to take our seating position for the game. The atmosphere was electric and you could feel the excitement and adrenaline from the crowd wafting through the air. I had to pinch myself a few times to actually believe this was really happening!

I didn't want to experience the whole game through the camera lens, I had the best seat in the house after all! During some moments of the match I would put the camera down and really take in the excitement of it all and think to myself how lucky I am to have this opportunity. At the end of the night I was quite happy with the photos I captured and they will always be something to look back on of my experience! Here are a small handful of some of the action shots I captured on the night!


Fellow winners and Nikon team